Marriage of Vere Hobart to Donald Cameron

Marriage of Vere Hobart to Donald Cameron


Wedding invitation for Captain Donald Cameron XXIII (1796–1859) and Vere Catherine Louisa Hobart (1803–1888) on September 19th 1832. Engraved text with embossed border showing entwined Scotish thistles and English roses, representing the union of marrage and their respective heritages.

The card contains a stamped inscription of “Dobbs”. Henry Dobbs ran a firm of embossers, engravers and ‘ornamental stationers to the King’. They pioneered the use of decorative blind stamping for decorating invitation cards. The company was active throughout the 19th century in a series of partnerships.

Embossing and engraving (text), with hand-gilded border around the edge of the card. Embelished with the Cameron family seal.

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Object details

Object Type Invitation
Materials and techniques
Creator Thomas Love
Creation date 2018
Project Gentleman Jack
Copyright © Lookout Point / HBO

About this object record

This object was created as a prop or piece of scenic set dressing for a film or television production. It is neither an historic original or an object from the archives but a carefully crafted fake designed to entertain.