Northgate Casino

Northgate Casino

Trowel (ceremonial)

Silver ceremonial trowel with mother of pearl handle. Inscription: Presented to Miss Ann Walker the younger of Cliff Hill, Yorks, for laying the first tone of the casino annexed to the Northgate Hotel at Halifax. XXVI IX MDCCCXXXV.

The Northgate Hotel had been part of Northgate Hall which had been built around 1740 for the Lister family of Shibden Hall. Members of the Lister family had lived there in the early 19th century and in 1826, ownership passed to Anne Lister of Shibden Hall.

When the Casino had been added to Northgate Hall, Anne Lister and her then partner, Ann Walker, presented a time capsule containing current coins of the time and an inscribed lead scroll. Then capsule was then buried beneath the foundation stone of the building.

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Object details

Object Type Trowel (ceremonial)
Materials and techniques
Creator Thomas Love
Creation date 2021
Project Gentleman Jack
Copyright © Lookout Point / HBO

About this object record

This object was created as a prop or piece of scenic set dressing for a film or television production. It is neither an historic original or an object from the archives but a carefully crafted fake designed to entertain.