About Thomas

I help bring scripts to life by creating beautiful objects, patterns, and designs. I specialise in historical research, and designing for period and fantasy genres.

I'm a British-based graphic designer working in the art department. I have experience in creating props for fictional characters as well as surface patterns (wallpaper patterns, floor designs, etc.) that are used to embellish the sets.

Designing for period productions that are set before graphic designers existed requires versatility and detailed knowledge of many design styles and crafts. For the 15th century, this could include becoming a calligrapher and illuminator; for the 16th century, a typesetter and printer; for the 17th century, a pargeter and embroiderer; for the 19th century, a signwriter and wallpaper designer.

I have experience working with a wide range of materials and objects including floor designs, tapestries, ceramics, furniture designs, books, documents, maps, tattoos, stained glass, wallpaper, and signage. I recruit and work alongside cutting-edge suppliers (wide format, digital, and 3D printing companies), and traditional craftsmen (signwriters, oil painters, and bookbinders) as required, to help create the finished props and designs.

I have a lifelong love of art, design, and history, and how they each intersect. I’m especially interested in ephemera, such as newspapers, letters, or tickets, that were only designed to exist for a short time. These personal and fleeting objects tell us so much about the person who owned them, and I’m fascinated with the stories they tell, and how we can in turn use them to tell stories.