Ce Fera Mal Comme un Fou)

Ce Fera Mal Comme un Fou)

Film Poster

Based on Florence Carville’s 1925 novel, and the 1926 play of the same name. This is Going to Hurt (Ce Fera Mal Comme un Fou), stars Ada Teller, Sidney Bastin, Esther Higgins, and Rose Hibberd.

“I believe it’s the most frightening motion picture I have ever made!”, Wallace Porrit. This size poster was only used abroad publicise the film. Fewer than five known surviving examples.

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Object details

Object Type Film Poster
Materials and techniques
Creator Thomas Love
Creation date 2020
Project Starstruck
Copyright © Hat Trick

About this object record

This object was created as a prop or piece of scenic set dressing for a film or television production. It is neither an historic original or an object from the archives but a carefully crafted fake designed to entertain.